The ‘CPRC parkrun’ on the second Saturday of each month are now well-established with a great turnout each month. The next step is for the club to become as known for its volunteer contribution as for runners taking part. As so, it has been suggested that CPRC should offer to take over running an event.

Basingstoke parkrun Event Director Lynn Brastock has confirmed that Saturday 10th August as the date that they will be inviting CPRC members to volunteer and run the event. The aim is to encourage members who have not volunteered for a while to take their turn at doing the ‘in event’ roles that make parkrun possible. parkrun suggest that regular runners volunteer at least three times a year in order to allow other volunteers to run. In return, each time you volunteer you will receive 100 points towards that events yearly points completion as compensation for not running.

The parkrun ethos is that no one should be asked to perform a role they are unhappy doing, something Lynn is very keen to uphold. Volunteers are expected to arrive early enough to help with the Pre-event setup, and staying to help with Post-event close down.

Below are two useful FAQ links regarding volunteering and more general FAQs which members might find useful:

Give volunteering a go – remember NO VOLUNTEERS NO PARKRUN.



The link below is to a website which produces parkrun size tags which can be personalized with your parkrun athlete number (e.g. A12345) and your name. Much to the surprise of some of those doing the registration they scan perfectly even after getting wet or covered in sweat while running. Well worth the £2.50 per tag cost.



The third Saturday of the month is the ‘CPRC parkrun tourist’. Each month we go to a different, reasonably local parkrun and encourage as many members as possible to attend these events. Previous outings have included the inaugural Alice Holt, Winchester and Queen Elizabeth Country Park parkruns.

29 June – Medina parkrun (Appley park course near Ryde)

6 July – Basingstoke parkrun’s 5th Anniversary. CPRC vs Newbury Runners, Basingstoke parkrun.

13 July – CPRC vs Newbury Runners, Newbury parkrun

20 July – CPRC Saturday at Basingstoke parkrun

27 July – Havant parkrun

10 August – CPRC Saturday at Basingstoke parkrun. Volunteers please.

17 August – Netley Abbey parkrun

21 September –Tilgate parkrun (near Gatwick Airport)

19 October – Black Park (Slough) parkrun, but will move if it clashes with the Snowdon Half Marathon.

17 November – Bushy parkrun



Below is a list of the parkruns that members might want to do as an alternative to Basingstoke parkrun. Where possible I have included a brief description of the course and other useful information.

Alice Holt parkrun
Two undulating laps on woodland trails, similar to Black Park parkun.

Andover parkrun
A flatish two lap course with free parking.

Basingstoke parkrun
Our home parkrun so no description needed!

Black-park (Slough) parkrun
A flat one-lap version of Alice Holt parkrun.

Brighton and Hove parkrun
The rocks proved popular post run entertainment last time we were there!

Brockenhurst parkrun
A flat four lap course similar to Winchester parkrun.

Bushy parkrun
The spiritual home of parkrun, so very popular! On average over eight hundred runners every week.

Eastleigh parkrun
Three grass laps which can be very muddy. Best done after a period of dry weather. Free parking.

Frimley Lodge parkrun
Two laps, part of which is on the towpath of the Basingstoke Canal. Can get very congested on the first lap.

Guildford parkrun
Two undulating laps, about half of which is on grass. Free parking at The Spectrum Sports Centre over the road from the park.

Havant parkrun
An off road country park parkrun so trail shoes recommended. Parking charges includes a voucher for a free tea or coffee.

Medina (Isle of Wight) parkrun
The course beside the Medina River in Newport moves to Appley Park in Ryde due to the Pop Festival in the summer.

Netley Abbey parkrun
Three laps with an off-road section through woodland.

Newbury parkrun

One flat reverse P shaped lap, with one slight rise on the long run for home.


Nonsuch parkrun

A two lap course which is fast and flat on a mixture of surfaces.


Poole parkrun
Two and a bit flat laps round the boating lake.

Queen Elizabeth parkrun
Officially undulating, unofficially, two laps, steeply uphill in places. Tough but great fun.

Reading (Dinton Pastures) parkrun

Southampton parkrun
Limited free parking (or at least there was last summer) otherwise a nice course.

Tilgate parkrun
A lovely course, easy to get to from Junction 10 of the M23 with free parking.

Winchester parkrun
A flat three lap course, similar to Brockenhurst parkrun.

Woodley parkrun
A flat three-lap course.